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When you need a skill or expertise that you don’t have available in-house, it makes sense to hire a developer who is already trained and experienced. Our developers are ready now to be immediately productive on your project. They are hard workers, with world-class experience, who are accustomed to working in a team-environment.

Hire our developers for a day, month, or year. They are trained in the latest technologies – ready to help you meet your deadlines and contribute to the knowledge-base of your organization.

Our developers are cross-trained in multiple skills so you can hire one person rather than two people for complex assignments saving you both time and money. We provide ongoing training to keep our employees up-to-date in the latest software and methodologies. Companies who have been frustrated by high-turnover in temporary staffing are very pleased with our business model. We hire hard workers and match them carefully to the right position where they are comfortable and can excel. When our clients are happy, and our employees are happy, everyone wins. Clients often ask if they can hire our employees on a permanent basis. If everyone is satisfied with a long term arrangement, we agree. It just makes good business sense. We keep expanding along with our reputation for meeting both client and employee needs. Our clients add temporary staff when time is of the essence. Deadlines which seem impossible can be met more easily with the addition of the right staff. Our employees bring a fresh perspective to a project that often has a positive effect on team morale.

When to Hire Us

Adding a technology consultant to your staff makes good business sense when:

  • Deadlines are looming.
  • You are assigned a new project but no new people.
  • There's no time to recruit and interview new employees.
  • You need a talent or skill that you don't have available in house.
  • You want to expose your staff to new methods and technologies.
  • You need to replace a person due to illness, resignation, or reassignment.
  • Your overtime hours have exceeded reasonable limits.
  • Productivity is falling because your staff is tired or burned out.
  • You want to provide a morale-boost to your organization by bringing in fresh talent.
  • Call us. We have excellent, experienced talent available to start immediately. We will match your needs exactly to save you time and money.


MiniSoft provides experienced professionals with skills in many areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, Web-based Technologies, Sun Microsoft
  • Client Server Technology
  • C++, Visual Basic, Database Management, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase
  • System Administration
  • Windows, UNIX, Networking, Novell, Cisco
  • Quality Assurance
  • Manual/Automated Testing 
  • Project Management
  • System Analysis
  • Production Support
  • Configuration Management


  • Communication is key to managing the success and controlling the stress of any project development effort. We ensure effective communications by:
  • Assigning a Project Manager who is a single point of contact for you and the team.
  • Simplifying the decision-making by empowering the Project Manager to make decisions for the team.
  • Providing detailed, written status reports on a regular basis.
  • Using an effective combination of e-mail, fax, and voice communications.
  • Rapid escalation of any change requirements to include you in the decision process.
  • Creating an audit trail of changes, decisions, and progress.
  • Documenting the development details to facilitate software maintenance and revisions.

Securitywhen you hire us to develop a project, you can be sure that we will protect your information through:

  • Close project team supervision.
  • Non-disclosure agreements which we sign with you and assign to all of our employees.
  • Firewall protection.
  • Restricted, need-to-know access by our employees.
  • Physical, round-the-clock, security of our offices.
  • Safe storage and lock-up of all project materials.
  • On-site and off-site back-ups of code, reports, and other project components.